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PARA Academy of Music and Arts


Class Scheduling: PARA Academy of Music and Arts schedules all classes.

Class Structure: Each session consists of six (6)  weekly 1-hour classes.  This allows students see their growth as they progress through the session.  For this reason, classes are not taught on a per-lesson basis.  Classes are taught in person and online, at the instructor's discretion.

​ Class materials: Students must bring a composition book or spiral bound notebook and a pen to every class (no three-ring binders or loose leaf paper).

​ Equipment: Tabla sets are sensitive instruments that require attentive care in storage and transport. Students must provide their own tabla set and carrying case/duffle bag. PARA Academy of Music and Arts does not rent or loan tabla sets or bags but can recommend reputable vendors and tabla repair services upon request.

Attendance, and Make-Up Policy:  PARA Academy of Music and Arts is dedicated to providing high quality instruction in Indian Classical Music and Arts, and we understand that students of all ages might be involved in multiple activities and have other obligations.  Please discuss your/your child's activity schedules with us so that we may establish a schedule that provides as much stability in instruction as possible.  This is for the benefit of the students and the instructor. We understand the unexpected sometimes happens. If you/your child is unexpectedly unable to attend a scheduled class meeting, we request the courtesy of a phone call, text, or email at least 24 hours in advance or as soon as feasible in the event of an emergency.  Classes that are canceled by the instructor will be rescheduled/made up.  PARA Academy of Music and Arts will not assume obligation to make up lessons missed due to student absences and will address these on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition Policy: Tuition for the full session (6 classes) is due on or before the first class meeting.  All classes must be paid for whether taken or missed.  PARA Academy of Music and Arts may adjust the tuition rate from time to time and will provide advanced notice of any changes to the fee structure.

Tuition Payment Methods: Payment is accepted via Zelle to Ranendra's cell number or by check made payable to Ranendra Das.

Policies are subject to revision. Please contact us with any questions.

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