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About PARA Academy of Music and Arts


PARA Academy of Music and Arts,  LLC was founded in 2018 by Ranendra and Pamela Das.

Our Mission

1. Engage learners in Indian Classical Music and other performing arts, offering a student-centered learning experience through qualified professionals with expertise and experience.

2. Equip learners with well-prepared instruction, organized performances, and effective exposure to local and global forms of music and other performing arts.

 3. Contribute to a society of aware, sensitive, and well-rounded individuals.

4. Create a platform for unique genres of music and performing arts from across the globe.

Our Vision

To create a Renaissance of Bliss: a revival of traditions and continuity of Indian Classical music and performing arts.


We believe...

  • Music and other performing arts have intrinsic value.

  • Music and other performing arts transcend all barriers and embrace respect, diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

  • Indian Classical music and other performing arts have inspirational and transformational power.

  • The labor and love of learning an Indian Classical performing art prepares the learner for perseverance through all challenges of life.


Our Dream for the Community

Create a cohesive society through music and other performing arts where growing together in an open and aesthetic environment promotes integrated learning opportunities.


Our Culture

Given the right environment, every seed will grow--every student will learn.






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